Traffic Rules. How I Became a Cyclist

The users of the road range from riders, bad drivers, and drivers. I mostly use bicycle but sometimes I drive my car. There is a reason why I became a cyclist. The traffic rules nyc are known by everyone in the city and state, and adhering to them is mandatory.Read More

2-Hour Reflection Activity to Grow Personal Responsibility

The gift that I give myself so as to help me from making mistakes like the ones that got me into mess is working with the society to promote social justice by visiting the disabled. Not only companies  but ordinary people can define social conscience and do their best. I designed this activity toRead More

Top 7 Extraordinary Streets Foods In NY

For the city that never sleeps, you can only expect the best (and the worst) to come out of its streets. Because New York is a mixture of global cultures and traditions, it is no surprise that the unique links between them have manifested themselves by way of food. NYRead More