1. Do you have some other hobbies besides bikes?

I like running as well. I run 3-4 times a week. Sometimes I do it in the morning, then it helps to prepare for a new day. And if I had a stressful day at work or needed to cope with a number of problems, I prefer to run in the evening to clear my head of all the negative thoughts. Besides sports I enjoy reading. There`s nothing more calming than a quality book after an active day. And as well as my father I love cooking, choosing wines, setting the table and in general, throwing parties for my friends and family. I usually do it on holidays or just on the weekend to unwind and have a good chat.

  1. Is it dangerous to ride a bike in the city?

It`s not dangerous if you stick to the rules (learn all the signs too) and avoid being distracted by gadgets. Switch off your phone, don’t listen to music and don`t try to read messages. Remember that you can hurt other people on the road. So, be responsible and also, don`t forget about your own safety. Wear a helmet and keep your bike in perfect condition.

  1. What bike would you recommend?

I am not an expert, really. I go to a bike shop and ask for advice from experts providing all the details of my sport life. I wouldn`t recommend you to buy a bike by yourself if you care about your health and comfort while riding.

  1. Do you usually ride alone or with your friends?

Of course, it depends on the situation. When I travel to work in the morning I`m usually alone. It`s much faster. At this time of the day there are lots of people outside, everyone is in a hurry and irritated so you need to be very attentive. When I go back home after work I can ride with my colleagues, we talk and travel through the park, or stop to drink a cup of coffee. I often travel with my friends on the weekend. We like riding along the ocean or travel to other towns.