It goes without saying that the world gets smaller and smaller, every single day!

Naturally, this is because of the Internet and its ability to bring people closer to each other. However, being closer to other people doesn’t always mean understanding them. For example, nowadays we see more and more institutions that are trying, via various means, to make their members understand other cultures and cultural diversity.

Understanding cultural diversity is essential, as most of us work or will work with people from at least one culture that is different from ours. As a student – be it high school or even university – you may be asked to write a cultural diversity essay.

But how do you write a proper essay of this kind? We know that cultural diversity is a sensitive topic, so to say, and has to be treated rather lightly so that our essay doesn’t offend anyone.

Therefore, in the following lines, we’ll show you how you can learn more about cultural diversity, as well as how you can write a proper essay on this topic!

Writing Resources

Before you write about cultural diversity, you have to do some research! For this, you may rely on your good old textbooks or you can switch to something more useful. We don’t imply that textbooks won’t help you at all, we’re just saying that there are a couple of other sources that may provide you with more insight on this topic, such as:

  • Workplace Diversity – you can ask your parents or friends with a job how cultural diversity works in their office, how it is handled, and what are the problems that they have to face there. Doing so will give you more insight as to how workplaces tackle the issues of gender, race, age, country of origin, sexual orientation, disability, as well as other diversity issues.
  • Cultural Diversity in Law Enforcement – for this part of the research, you could either read some law books or dig a bit into online articles. You’ll be looking for information about the challenges and issues that law enforcement deals with in terms of cultural diversity. You can also search for more information about the melting pot or mosaic theory, as they tackle both diversity and enforcement.
  • Cultural Diversity in Education – naturally, one of the first things you can do is to approach your teacher or other teachers working within your institution. As a matter of fact, anyone working in a school or University can be asked about diversity in education. Doing so will help you better understand how teachers plan to tackle cultural diversity and drive students towards a sense of inclusion and acceptance.

Key Aspects of Writing Your Essay

When writing a cultural diversity essay, you have to keep in mind that a lot of your peers do care about equity and diversity. This implies that they will carefully listen to or read your statement.

Therefore, you’ll have to take into account a couple of aspects when writing the essay so that you don’t do anything that you shouldn’t do.

  • Your Story – if you are telling a story via your essay, it doesn’t have to be the story of someone famous. It is much better to tell of the times you have overcome obstacles as a member of society. Such a story will help you empathize more with people that are actively confronting challenges due to diversity.
  • Commonly Accepted Understandings – don’t try to bring a new dish to the cultural diversity table, so to say. You don’t want to point out how hard is to be an American or European. Instead, focus on racial oppression, transphobia, sexism, or any other form of oppression directly related to race, social class, gender, and sexual orientation.
  • Avoid False Parallels – in short, don’t claim that a British living in the US has faced the same exclusion as an African American living in the US. If you know a couple of things about racism, then you know exactly why you shouldn’t do so. It is just not right!

The Use of Research Paper Writing Services

Last but not least, we are aware that writing an essay on such an important topic – cultural diversity – can be very hard, especially if it affects your grade.

In this respect, it is recommended that you rely on research paper writing services at least once. Doing so will offer you essential information as to how you should tackle such a topic – both in terms of topic and essay structure.

Moreover, using such services will help you better understand the topic overall. This is because you will be provided with a properly researched essay that you can later analyze and use as a reference for all of your other essays!

The Bottom Line

In short, dealing with the topic of cultural diversity is not easy. It might be a bit easier in high school, but University teachers will expect a proper essay from you.

Naturally, you can try and write one yourself, or you could get some help through the use of research paper writing services. With these services, you’ll get the experience and understanding of the topic that you will need to write your future essays or base your statements on.