theories of education

The EDUC 3100 Theories of Learning intensive, designed specifically for the Teaching, Learning, and Training minor, will focus on how people learn. There are many factors that influence learning among infants, toddlers, middle childhood, adolescents, and adults, and this course will introduce you to the various theories of learning that address each stage. Students will examine the ideas of learning theorists and practitioners in the field, as well as explore the advantages and limitations to various learning theories. Students will also develop, design, implement, and test a learning experience of their own. For post-baccalaureate students, this course also satisfies the educational psychology requirement required for teacher certification in Louisiana.
Students may register when summer term registration opens in the spring. Tuition for this intensive is equal to a three credit post-baccalaureate course at SoPA. Tuition and 20% discount information for teachers and paraprofessionals can be found here. Please contact Richard Mihans for more information.

This textbook on Instructional Design for Learning is a must for all education and teaching students and specialists. It provides a comprehensive overview about the theoretical foundations of the various models of Instructional Design and Technology from its very beginning to the most recent approaches.
This page was created for EDU 307 in order to provide further resources on the types of learning theories addressed in class: Behaviorism, Cognitivism, Constructivism, Humanism, Connectivism, Experimental Learning, and Multiple Intelligences. Have a great resource you’d like to see added? I’d love to hear it! Email Caitlin at [email protected] with any questions or additions.