The users of the road range from riders, bad drivers, and drivers. I mostly use bicycle but sometimes I drive my car. There is a reason why I became a cyclist. The traffic rules nyc are known by everyone in the city and state, and adhering to them is mandatory. However, circumstances force people on the road to make mistakes that could have been avoided if the consequences were thought of before deciding to act in a wrong manner while on the road. Motorcycles, bicycles, and vehicles are supposed to use the right side, whereas the pedestrians too should walk along the pavements on the required side of the road depending on the state because the sides to keep differ according to state. Nevertheless, there are only two sides of the road to be kept, either the left or right side.

One early morning a sick child in our home was experiencing increased pain despite having been released from the hospital a few weeks before. The painful cries that were coming from the child required urgent attention, and I had to drive the child to the hospital as quickly as I could. On the way to the hospital, we approached a sharp corner that is known to cause traffic jams because of the slow speeds that vehicles drive at the point.

Considering that I was in a hurry to save a life, I did not know that I could cause any harm rather than arriving at the hospital safe for the child to receive treatment. Just a few meters after overtaking all the vehicles that were lined up on traffic, I hit an old lady that was seated on the road, and broke her left leg. It was then that the conscience of over speeding hit me. I had to stop and find a way to drop the old lady to the hospital as well. Since it was very tight, and no one was near to help me to carry the old lady to the car, the policemen arrived, and opened for me a case. I tried to explain what the reason for over speeding, it was decided that I was to serve three years in prison.

The simple rules and regulations that we take for granted can affect our lives greatly. Should I have adhered to the rule not to overtake on sharp corners, I would not have landed into the trouble that got me. Since then I have been following the traffic rules and any other set regulations as required. It was a lesson that made me very obedient to the law.