The gift that I give myself so as to help me from making mistakes like the ones that got me into mess is working with the society to promote social justice by visiting the disabled. Not only companies  but ordinary people can define social conscience and do their best. I designed this activity to facilitate reform and the practice of equitable development in the society.

Through a variety of strategies, I developed a common definition and clear vision of excellence and equity in social justice among people with disability. This activity is great for evaluating preceding experience as well as knowledge, and my individual beliefs. In addition, the activity provided an opportunity for me to significantly escalate my knowledge base around a variety of activities in social justice while dealing with the physically disadvantaged citizens. My objectives for this activity is to increase the understanding about social justice issues and to define social justice as well as begin to develop a vision within the group of social justice and excellence in the society.

On 9th November 2017, I decided to visit the office of a self help group that comprised of disabled citizens around our town. I visited their office in the evening after classes from 1600-1800 hours so as to avoid a bad company that I had been introduced to by one of my friends. I felt my friend and his cohorts did not impact me positively and their company had also made my mother angry. The reason why I decided to visit the office of the people with disabilities group is because I strongly believe that every citizen deserves social, political and economic rights regardless of their physical state, gender, socioeconomic, and race among others.

Participating in such an activity will only make me a good citizen than hanging out with a group of friends who do not impact me positively into my life. The action of doing the activity is clearly the power in learning. I am excited about the activity of visiting the office of a self help group of the people with disabilities and helping them out with a number of tasks. I will be delighted to do the same in future. In intend to visit them frequently and spend more hours in their office.